Frequent Questions

So, is it a co-op?


No.  Sow Big does not emphasize any one curriculum or teaching philosophy.  The group is open to both homeschooling novices seeking guidance and homeschooling veterans eager to share their experiences.  Sow Big aims to compliment local homeschool co-ops, not compete with them.  Our goal is to fill a need we hear echoed in our local homeschool community--to be known, to have friends for our kids and ourselves, and to feel supported.




When does it start?


Technically, Sow Big launches memberships anew each school year, but we also think it's fun to offer park days in the summer as a freebie for local homeschoolers as a way of making new friends.  Please contact us for information if you would like to meet us at the park.




What's the deal with public and private funding for homeschooling?


Sow Big is largely comprised of private homeschooling families—in other words, families who homeschool apart from state support; but we also welcome state-sponsored homeschoolers to join us.  Our desire is to help homeschooling families enjoy and protect the full freedoms of private homeschooling whenever possible.




How’s it work?


Sow Big runs on a team model, where all families in the group are involved in the planning and organization to make the upcoming year exciting.  This model succeeds at four things: developing a strong sense of community and friendships as we work together towards a common goal, creating a sense of ownership in the group, providing diversity in our offerings that meets the many interests of the group, and building a sustainable structure for training leaders to ensure the longevity of the group.  We create a fresh set of events each year during our annual planning meeting to ensure the best year possible.  On a whole, we try to limit Sow Big functions to weekdays in order that families can preserve their weekends to be together.


Families are encouraged to join groups within 5-10 miles of their home to help foster friendships, but it is not a requirement. Each group has one main leader who provides vision for the group as a whole, as well as supporting the four primary team leaders who oversee the following teams: Parks (park days, holiday parties at the park), Events (field trips, launch party, graduation party) Shepherding (community service, Teacher’s Night Out, family needs), and Admin.  Each teacher-parent is asked to serve on one planning team for the year.